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February 22, 2013
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The Forest People by DireWolfwere The Forest People by DireWolfwere
First time in a long time drawing digitally without a traditional sketch first (bad idea I think) and holy shit this took like 5 hours you better like it. This is DarkSol's species of creature, pics of him here:

Warriors (often male):
Appearance: Very well muscled and large, usually around 2.5-3 meters tall. Their bodies are often covered in scars and tribal tattoos.
Personality: They are easy to anger and quick to fight now, talk later.

Scholars (often female):
Appearance: They have a much leaner build than the warriors and usually don't get taller than 2.5 meters. They also may have floral growths covering their body (this is fairly rare though), most often around the head and torso. They are about as likely to have tattoos as the warriors do, but not often scarred.
Personality: Much calmer than the warriors, but still quick to anger. They are highly intelligent and some are powerful earth mages.

-All people have an instinctual fear of fire
-There are no classic gender markers, "males" and "females" have approximately the same body shape
-Blood is thick and golden, almost like sap
-Can eat vegetation or meats, but usually rely on gaining energy from sunligh
-Have moderately powerful healing abilities when in full sun
-Very long lived people if not killed in war

Tribal Life: The forest people (or creatures as humans and other races often call them) had lived in various sized tribes in the center of dense woodlands, but through hundreds of years of conflict with humans, there is only one remaining area where the forest people live; for the most part other races avoid the forest people as this last tribe dominates and entire forest. And it isn't a small forest by any means.

Children are very rare in the tribe; when they are young they are mostly raised by one or two parent elders, but as the child grows and is able to explore on its own the whole tribe will work to rear it. The child will often show an aptitude for learning or fighting at a young age, and soon will be trained to be either a scholar or warrior. Sometimes a child that is large and powerful may seem destined to be a warrior, but their heart leads them to be a scholar. The tribe has no problem letting the children discover their own paths if they do not like the one fate chooses.

Young forest people who are destined to become warriors are separated from the rest of their tribe to learn the ways of their ancestors. Combat is a sacred art to the forest people and it is a great blessing to be a warrior. The scholars spend most of their time tending to the forest and remembering their ancestors, it takes many years for a young scholar to learn the entire history of his people and many more for it to be sealed in his memory. Likewise, the warriors train for a great amount of time mastering many different fighting styles and learning to use the power of their rage rather than be consumed by it.

Spirit Guide:
When it is believed the warrior has learned as much as he can from his people, he will leave the tribe to travel the world. Warriors will meet another who complements their personality. It is believed this other can teach the warrior what he needs to learn that his people could not show him. Sometimes the warrior will know immediately when he meets his spirit guide, sometimes it will take a long time before he realizes it may be a companion. There are also some warriors who learn what they need in their journeys and do not ever find a spirit guide. When the warrior believes his training to be complete, he will return home with his spirit guide and introduce them to the ancient's grove. There all the past tribe leaders spirits are said to reside and they will look upon the warrior and his mentor and tell him if the training is indeed finished. This will also mark the spirit guide as a friend to the tribe's.

Traveling Bard:
Unlike the warriors, the scholars training is finished when they leave the tribe. They will travel around the world for at least 2 years sharing the stories of their people. Since the forest people have been nearly wiped out, very few bards still roam the land and even fewer still remember the other races' languages from the times of peace. Consequently, many bards must settle themselves with singing to the other forests, the dryads, and the nature spirits.

When their training is complete, most warriors will stay and guard the forests. Intruding humans are usually killed without question while other races are sometimes allowed to escape. Sometimes the warriors will stay abroad and work as guards for hire; there are few warriors less powerful than a fully matured forest creature. The scholars, on the other hand, often continue their wanderings and never return home and when they do it is often for a short time to share their tales with the rest of the tribe. Those scholars who do return home early often end up becoming the government of the tribe.

These are the highest ranking members of the tribe whose word is law. Elders bodies are covered in vine-like tattoos and they are far smaller than ordinary tribe members. Most are at least 100 years old and have raised a strong warrior or scholar.

Fallen Warriors:
As with any race, there are some forest people with darkness in their hearts. They live around the tribe, usually near the edges of the forest where tribes people rarely stray and humans dare not enter. Often the fallen warriors live alone as savages, but they will sometimes form loosely structured groups. They hunt, eat, and kill almost anything that moves. While they usually will avoid their own people, some will attack a lone tribe member. The fallen warriors are exceptionally aggressive towards humans in or outside the forest.
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